Sabtu, 20 April 2013

cara membuat pizza

Let the dough rest for 30 minutes or more. The amazing part is that you can also keep it over the night or even for the next two week in the fridge, no problem.

It will turn out very soggy, sodden with moisture, slimy and sticky. No worries. It will double or triple the actual size according to your room temperature, but once you keep it in the fridge it will sucken. But! Once you let it out and close with lid it will risen again. AJAIB!

Prepare plenty of flour and let it roll over... do a bit of finger knead slightly only or no kneading at all! Golek-golek the tepung all over only.

....very the lembek no worries... no panic! happy!

Once done, pressed it on your tin using you finger tips, evenly. I'm using rectangular 5" x 7" and 6" x 6" tin instead.

Let it rest again for another 20-30 minutes the dough will risen and your pizza will be soft and fluffy...

Resipi intinya
I botol sos spagheti
(di bahagi tiga)

3 cheddar 
(one each? bukan lokek overlook cheddar cheese dah habis 
betul tak bohong tinggal tiga keping sahajer LOL)

1 big onion Sliced thinly
1 tomato chopped
prawns peeled
minced meat
chilies sliced
black pepper sauce
capsicum chopped
sausages sliced

To be reminded, I'm making 3 diff filling for each pizza but using the same sauce as base. 
Sausages and onions Pizza. 
Prawn, tomato & pineapple Pizza and also black pepper minced meat.

....hiasilah pizza dengan sukahati anda!